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Call for Participants to participate in research.

Many of you would know that I am pursuing a PhD exploring the role of cognitive processes in mediumship. I recently received approval from the Ethics Review Board at Canterbury Christ Church University (UK) to proceed with the second part of broader research.

In the first part of the study conducted last year, I was able to identify several psychological processes used by mediums in the demonstration of mediumship. So, in this study I want to take this one step further that involves mediums completing several games/tasks designed to measure these specific psychological processes.

So I am recruiting reputable mediums that hold accreditation from a Spiritualist organisation for evidential mediumship and tutor others in the unfoldment of their mediumship to take part. Overall it should be completed within around 20 minutes.

Everything is anonymous, so there is no way of linking these results to you personally. You will first be asked questions about your mediums and then directed to another website where you can complete some simple games/tasks that measure these psychological processes. There is no right or wrong. Then at the end of the games/tasks, you can view your personalised report of how your results compare to the population overall (using the Test Results link, top right).

These games/tasks are best completed using a laptop or PC, and cannot be completed using a mobile phone.

It is hoped that the findings from broader research can be used to inform better tutoring in the unfoldment and development of mediumship.

If you can spare the time and are interested in participating, please use the link below to go to the survey and follow the instructions to proceed to the questionnaire and task/games.

Note: Often, mediums ask why accreditation is sometimes necessary to partake in research. This is simply because it indicates to the researcher that the medium has at some point been acknowledged by a third party as a medium of sufficient quality to represent that third party. This provides the researcher with the justification for using these mediums in their research and responds to any questions about whether the participants were genuine mediums.

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