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Research Study of Spiritualist Ministers

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

An interesting study looking at the demographics of Spiritualist Ministers .e.g. gender, martial status, etc... With a mention of the role Spiritualism has had in fostering women rights in the West etc.

"...This research study focussed on Spiritualist mediums and ordained ministers and their call to service and their spiritual gifts. Using a detailed questionnaire, a core group of Spiritualist mediums and ministers willing to be subjects were initially contacted and then they, in turn, were asked to introduce the study to other Spiritualist mediums and ministers. The entire study was anonymous in order to ascertain the most authentic and honest responses from the subjects. There were 138 respondents who participated in this study. Regarding personal demographics, a section of the study analysed the subjects’ backgrounds (i.e. sex, age, years as a medium or minister, etc.)..."

Read the article <here>

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